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Youth Homelessness

Plan to End Youth Homelessness

A plan to end youth homelessness is a collective community initiative, framed by the voice of youth with input from front-line service providers, funders and community members.

Strategies to end youth homelessness focus on:
• Prevention
• An integrated system of care
• An increased range of housing options for youth
• Regional and rural plans

Youth Homelessness Summary
Youth Homelessness Update (April 2017)
Youth Services Listing (2017)
Youth Employment Strategy
Homelessness PIT Count (2016)

Step Inside: New Home For Homeless Youth

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Proclamation Letter


Youth Homelessness Documents

Working closely with a steering committee and a youth committee, United Way of KFLA has been providing backbone coordination on a Youth Collective Impact initiative, Ending Youth Homelessness in Kingston and Area.

In 2014 a Community Plan to End Youth Homelessness in Kingston and Area was released. This plan was framed by the voice of local youth, with input from front-line service providers, funders, community members, youth. The Action Plan is included below and includes strategies with clear goals, objectives, implementation steps and timelines.  An update has been added, which includes implementation, a theory of change, management and governance and a creative campaign to increase awareness about the issue.  For more information, please contact us at youth@unitedwaykfla.ca or call us at 613-542-2674.

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