Campaign Toolkit

The United Way annual campaign is the largest community fundraising effort, helping thousands of people through collective action, raising funds that will then be invested in local programs. 70% of funds raised are through workplace campaigns. United Way volunteers, staff and sponsored employees can provide tools and resources to support volunteer-led fundraising campaigns in the workplace.  Please contact us for more information.

Online Giving

Every dollar you donate makes a difference in your community. It’s never been faster or easier to donate to the United Way. Simply click here to make an online donation or click on the “donate now” button at the top of the page.

Individual Donation:
As another quick and easy option, you can download the Individual Gifts Pledge Form and return it by regular mail, email or in-person.


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Guides for Workplaces

Your Impact

See the Impact of your Donation. Use this calculator to see an example of how donations towards United Way KFLA are used.

Workplace Awards

Thank you to our volunteers and work sites across KFL&A for their hard work, dedication and leadership. Their efforts ensure that resources and valuable assistance will continue to be available for individuals and families in our community who need it the most.

To recognize their efforts and the contributions of the employees in these workplaces, the United Way annually gives out awards based on employee participation and contributions. For a list of our Workplace Award Winners visit: 2021 Workplace Award Winners

“I get to be the face of the campaign, but the work that is done is really done by workplaces, by volunteers and at the end of the day it is the donors that make the impact. They choose to help their friends, families and neighbours in the most meaningful way and in a way they can see the impact in their day to day life and that is really what the United Way represents in our community.”

- Daren Dougall, 2021 Campaign Chair