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About Women United

United Way KFL&A is joining a world-wide connection called Women United. Women United brings together like-minded women who want to use their skills, talents and resources to contribute to their community in a significant way. Women United builds on the strong legacy of Women in Leadership in our region with members giving independently to the United Way, or jointly with their spouses or partners. Read more about Women United in KFL&A here.

Local Network:

United Way KFL&A has 325 women leaders who make a difference in the community by supporting local programs that have a significant impact. The goal of Women United is to bring even more women and resources together under the United Way umbrella in order to change more lives for the better locally. Women Leaders can be active as philanthropists at many different levels: Visionary ($10,000+), Advocate ($5,000-9,999), Influencer ($1,200-4,999).

Local Issues, Local Impact: 

Women Leaders get a chance to join other like-minded women for a deep dive beneath the issues that affect people in the community.  They can learn more about the programs serving women in the community and participate in discussions to help shape solutions to these issues.

Panel Discussions

This year, a series of virtual panel discussions are being offered to Women United members. You can watch the panel discussions held in June and September and learn more about some of the issues facing vulnerable women in our community.

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Safety & Security

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Food Security

Get Involved

For more information about how you can get involved with Women United, contact bvarma@unitedwaykfla.ca

"I feel a sense of duty to the women that have gotten us this far, and to the young girls and women that follow. There is something very special happening around the world right now and Women United is evidence of that right here in Kingston."

Jane Lapointe,

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