About Us

Mission, Vision & Values

2018 Annual Report


To build and strengthen our community by bringing people and resources together to facilitate change.


We see a future where people are self-sufficient in a community where individuals live with hope, dignity and a sense of belonging.


We will be known as an organization that:

  • Operates with integrity, transparency and accountability to the highest ethical standards to ensure public trust
  • Provides leadership in driving social change, partnerships and collaborative innovation
  • Respects community wisdom by considering diverse viewpoints
  • Harnesses and engages the talents and resources in our community to enhance a philanthropic culture
  • Promotes volunteerism through creating awareness and engagement

Message from the CEO & Board Chair

2018 was another busy and productive year for the United Way.

The annual campaign was a great success thanks to the efforts of the Campaign Cabinet, our Campaign Chair Fred Godbille and the thousands of volunteers involved!  A record amount was raised. Additionally, we received a large amount from the Kingston Pen Tours and some grants, taking our total revenue to close to $5 million.

We are delighted to be named one of Canada’s Top 100 Charities, a reflection of our priority and focus on transparency and accountability.

Four years ago, our Board identified key risks and the Board has been working on developing and implementing risk mitigation plans. As part of the process for reviewing risk, the Board is focused on 3 key areas: Revenue, Succession Planning and Brand management. This report highlights work to date in these areas and we will continue to develop them further in 2019.

Youth Homelessness has been a key focus for the past five years and we are pleased to see the efforts of our collective impact work moving the needle. We see more youth in shelters, housing and programs, and fewer on the streets and inadequately housed. Youth Homelessness continues to be a critical issue for us to address. We are also researching areas including mental health, vulnerability in girls and women in our community, issues faced by youth in rural areas, and ways to support youth who identify as indigenous.

All of this is possible thanks to the ongoing financial support we receive through the Kingston Pen Tours and our invaluable partnerships with the City of Kingston, the Correctional Service of Canada and the St. Lawrence Parks Commission.

We are always looking for ways to improve and grow, in order to better support the residents of Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington. We continue to work with our three affinity groups: Next Gen, Retirees and Women United. Each group brings members of our community together who want to make an impact locally. In 2018 we saw great growth and engagement with all three initiatives.

Our United Way KFL&A is working closely with the United Way of Canada and our neighbouring United Ways to find ways to enhance our efficiency and effectiveness. We know there are challenges that continue to face charities and we are looking for ways to adapt and grow as a movement. We’re committed to igniting the desire in everyone to improve this community we call home; it’s all about building connections and supporting each other.

As we look back on another successful year, we would like to take the time to thank the thousands of donors, volunteers and funded agencies who made this happen. Your support helps so many people in our community live with hope, dignity and a sense of belonging.

For this we thank you.

Mike Ryan

2018 Chair, Board of Directors

Bhavana Varma

President & CEO

2019 Board of Directors

United Way of Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington is governed by its Board of Directors, a diverse group of community leaders and key decision makers who provide vision, strategic leadership, advocacy, accountability, and stewardship.


Daren Dougall

Past Chair

Mike Ryan

Vice Chair

Leanne O’Mara


Matthew Van Nest


Richard Allen


Jessica Bayne-Hogan


Peter Clarke


Scott Harris


Joan Jardin


Patrick Legresley


Patrick Murphy


Brian O’Neill


Stephen Peck


Mary C. Rae


Michelle Wilson

President & CEO

Bhavana Varma

Staff Team: United Way KFLA Staff Team: www.unitedwaykfla.ca/about-us/united-way-team/

Campaign Cabinet & Committees

Scott Harris

2019 Campaign Chair

Correctional Service Canada

The United Way campaign is led by community volunteers. Thanks to their efforts, and the hard work and dedication of over 2,500 volunteers, funds are raised to support our families, friends and neighbours right here in KFL&A.

Cabinet Members

Fred Godbille

Past Campaign Chair

DuPont Canada

Shawn Armstrong

Division Chair: Municipal

Kingston Fire & Rescue

Elizabeth Bardon

Sector Chair: Healthcare & Agencies

Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Ryan Boehme

Division Chair: Municipal

Utilities Kingston

Rejean Bruneau

Labour Liaison

Kingston & District Labour Council

Nancy Bradshaw

Gale Chevalier

First Responders

Emergency & Transportation Services, County of Frontenac

David DeSantis

Sector Chair: Education

Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board

Chris Doucet

Sector Chair: Finance | Business Development


Col. K.A. Gallinger

Division Chair: Federal

CFB Kingston

Daren Dougall

Division Chair: Provincial

Ministry of Children & Youth Services, Youth Justice Services

Bill Durnford

Business Development

Ambassador Hotel & Conference Centre

Prof. Thomas J. Harris

Sector Chair: Education

Queen's University

Hollee Kew

Division Chair: Provincial

St. Lawrence Parks Commission

Sergiy Kolosov

Division Chair: Provincial

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Dennis McAllister

Sector Chair: Manufacturing


Antje McNeely

Sector Chair: Government

Chief, Kingston Police

Marc Varin

Sector Chair: Finance

RBC Financial

Affinity Groups

Elizabeth Brown

Women United

Desiree Kennedy

Women United Co-Chair

City of Kingston

Jane Lapointe

Women United

Assante Financial

Antje McNeely

Women United Co-Chair

Chief, Kingston Police

Cathy Wilson

Women United


Michelle Wilson

Women United


Jim Parker

Retirees United Chair

Parsons (Retired)

Arlene Aish

Retirees United

Queen's University Retirees

Lana Foulds

Retirees United

City of Kingston

Marina Lee

Retirees United

Empire Life Retiree

Tim Salmon

Retirees United

Valerie Robb

Retirees United

Empire Life Retiree

Mitch Purcell

Next Gen Chair


James Sliter

Next Gen


Financial Report

Commitment to Community

United Way raises funds and invests them locally for maximum impact. We are able to accomplish this thanks to generous donors, partners, and supporters.

In their most recent article, MoneySense reported that the United Way of Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington has made it to the 100 top-rated charities list for 2019, based on two major criteria: financial efficiency and transparency.

Financial efficiency (charity and fundraising efficiency, need for funding and level of CEO/executive director salary) accounts for 60 per cent of the scoring.  Charity transparency (availability of financial statements, transparency in social results reporting) accounts for 40 per cent of the final score. Charities included in the list must also raise at least $2 million in annual revenue.

Effective, Efficient and Accountable

  • We comply with United Way of Canada’s Transparency, Accountability and Financial Reporting standards.
  • We actively solicit in-kind donations, sponsorships, pro-bono services and the support of volunteers to keep expenses as low as possible. This ensures that as much as possible of every dollar goes directly to the community.
  • Every year, thousands of volunteers come together to raise funds for services that benefit their family, friends and neighbours.

Annual Registered Charity Disclosure and CEO Salary

  • Our latest Canada Revenue Agency annual T3010 registered charity disclosure is available at the link below.
  • The Compensation Committee periodically benchmarks CEO salaries of not-for-profit organizations within the region. We regularly review the compensation levels of our staff to ensure they are within reasonable rates for the level of skill, knowledge and experience required for the role.
  • Compensation levels of the 10 highest paid staff for all charities are available at the CRA website, under Charities Listings. For a quick view of our compensation levels please visit http://bit.ly/CRA-quickview-2017

Financial Highlights


Liabilities & net Assets

In 2018, disbursements to the community were as follows:

A full copy of our audited financial statements is available at:

Reports: Treasurer & Labour

Matthew Van Nest


As the Treasurer of the United Way of KFL&A, I am pleased once again to share a few financial highlights for 2018.

MoneySense reviews charities and allocates points based on the percentage of funds spent on administration as well as percentage of funds spent on fundraising.  Our United Way was delighted to get full marks in both of these categories, a testament to our focus on sound financial stewardship and accountability.

Kingston Penitentiary Tours contributed significantly to our revenue, with funds to be invested into youth programs through our Ending Youth Homelessness initiative.  Funds received in 2016 and 2017 resulted in a surplus in 2017, which was set aside in a Youth Homelessness Reserve Fund and invested in 2018.  The planned deficit is balanced by the in year surplus in 2017.

The United Way received funds from United Ways of Ontario, which the Board of Directors directed towards enhancing our digital capacity.  This was a one-time investment of approximately $39,000. Our goal is to keep our fundraising cost ratio between 15 and 20% and we continue to successfully meet this goal, while contributing to our ability to meet the changing landscape of philanthropic giving.

The Investment Committee of our United Way worked with Fred Benford at CIBC Wood Gundy to ensure our investments were in alignment with our Investment Policy.  This protected the United Way from significant losses due to market conditions.  Our audited financial statements reflect year-end unrealized losses.  We were pleased to see the markets rebound significantly in early 2019.

I’d like to thank the Finance & Audit and Investment Committees and the staff of the United Way for their guidance and support.  Their contribution helps our United Way steward funds responsibly, while looking ahead into future trends and opportunities.

Matthew Van Nest


Joan Jardin

Board Labour Liaison

The Kingston and District Labour Council (KDLC) is a proud partner with the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (KFLA) United Way. The KDLC and KFLA United Way each work to prioritize the needs and dignity of people in this region.

Our federal organizations, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and the United Way Centraide Canada (UWCC) share a common vision for healthy and supportive communities. We encourage workers and union leaders to join the United Way movement so that our combined voices, networks and resources can make that vision real. By working together, we build a community of caring while making our communities better.

Many union activists contribute to United Way by bringing workers’ perspectives and experiences to discussions. The United Way Board, the Campaign Cabinet and committees each value worker input and ensure that seats are dedicated to Labour Representatives.

It has been a pleasure to work with the other United Way Board Directors as we shape the direction of the United Way. I continue to be impressed with the expertise that each Director contributes to discussions and decisions.

The United Way’s activities are organized and coordinated by highly dedicated and welcoming United Way staff. Their guidance makes the work go smoothly. Thank you to all of the United Way Staff for your many efforts.

The volunteers from Labour, including union locals, staff, and workplace campaigners, have again helped the United Way reach their 2018 goal. They understand that their volunteer efforts help their colleagues and their families. The 2018 KDLC 1st Vice-President, Rej Bruneau, was the Labour Representative on the Campaign Cabinet. Rej has demonstrated the strong local support from Labour for the United Way and the United Way has been clear about its appreciation of Labour’s contributions.

Our labour campaign began on Labour Day 2018. United Way participation in our parade and activities at McBurney Park has always been appreciated and has become a solid partnership. The Labour Day Committee members worked to make the event another great success. Thanks to a fabulous team.

As Director of Labour Community Services (LCS), Ryan Bol added new enthusiasm and ideas to the role. Even though Ryan continues to be a strong supporter of the United Way, he returned to his previous job.  Fortunately, we were able to welcome Jeremy Robins as Director of LCS. He has already been a diligent and helpful support for both the KDLC and KFLA United Way.

The Labour Community Advocate Program which informs local Labour Leaders about United Way Agencies will be returning soon. This program assists Labour to be better able to refer colleagues to our many excellent community resources. Unions are encouraged to have members take this course; it increases our capacity to help each other.

As partners, we combine the efforts of more than three million CLC members with all those involved in the United Way. We know that solidarity and strength in numbers can cause great change that will continue to make our citizens feel dignity and involved in our communities.

Yours in solidarity,
Joan Jardin
District Officer, Ontario Secondary School Teachers’
Federation (OSSTF) Limestone District 27
Second Vice President, Kingston & District
Labour Council
United Way Board Member

Click for more information on the partnership between the United Way KFL&A and Labour.