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Together, We Make a Difference Every Single Day

The United Way invests in programs that have a wide range of impact. These programs support thousands of local residents, helping them when they need it the most. In 2017, over 58,000 local residents found support through United Way funded programs. Learn more about fund distribution and apply online today!

Investing in the Community

All funding is disbursed to programs and services that fit within United Way’s three Community Impact Areas:

(1) Helping Kids Be All They Can Be
(2) Building Strong and Healthy Communities
(3) Moving People From Poverty to Possibility

This base support of funding provides stability and allows agencies the flexibility to develop and respond to the emerging needs of the communities they serve. It allows them to make long-term plans, knowing they have a stable source of funding.

Recognizing the ever-changing needs of the community, United Way offers grants that provide support, enabling agencies to respond to new emerging needs and issues, often leveraging other sources of funding.

Community volunteers and professional staff ensure accountability through a thoughtful review process. Agencies submit applications and volunteers make funding recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors. They ensure that community resources are well invested, avoiding duplication and redundancy. United Way offers supports to agencies through technical support and workshops that provide professional development, leadership development and board governance.

This process ensures accountability and supports strong service networks to help people when they need it most. United Way collaborates with frontline agencies, government funders and people with lived experience, identifying gaps, challenges and opportunities, facilitating coordination of services to avoid duplication.

To learn more about funding and how to apply, please click here.