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Parenting Tips and Success by 6

Family Fun in Kingston

The first six years of your child’s life are the most important and with Success by 6 bringing over 11o free family-friendly events to Kingston and area next week, we encourage you to Take the time, make the moments matter™.  Once again there are fun activities for children 0 – 6 years, their parents and caregivers being held across the entire Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington region.

Success by 6 Kingston

This annual initiative runs from Monday, May 7th to Sunday, May 13th, and aims to increase public awareness about the importance of early childhood learning and care.

Success by 6 week gives children, parents, and caregivers the chance to deepen their connections and strengthen relationships but building a strong family foundation is ongoing and parents can never have enough tools and support. KFL&A Public Health has many great resources on their website and below we’ve shared a few of their tips.

Parenting Babies and Toddlers

Listen, respond, and connect with your child

Your child’s relationship with you is key to their health, development, and well-being. Warm and responsive parenting builds a strong foundation for developing trust, confidence, self-control, and healthy relationships. The relationship that is built between a baby and their caregiver is called “attachment”.

Listen to your child

Even though babies and toddlers may not have many words, they still communicate:

  • Look for cues. Babies communicate in many ways, including facial expressions, body actions, and sounds. For example, a baby may look away from you if they are overwhelmed, or suck on their hand when they are hungry.
  • Be face-to-face with your child. Talk to your baby during feedings, and get on the floor and play with your child.
  • Be easy on yourself. It takes awhile to learn your baby’s cues. Remember, you and your baby are learning together.

Respond to your child

When you respond to your baby’s needs in a warm and loving manner, your baby learns that you will be there to help, and may cry less often.

  • Comfort your baby or toddler when they are sick, hurt, or upset. By comforting your child when they are upset, you are teaching them that you will be there when they need you. This helps your child feel safe.
  • Respond with both facial expressions and words. For example: when your baby looks to you, smile back.
  • Talk to your baby. Speak in a soft and gentle voice. Tell them about the world around you.

Connect with your child

It may take time, but you and your child will form a special bond.

  • Read, sing, and talk to your child. This will strengthen your relationship with your baby, and will help your baby’s brain to grow.
  • Focus on feedings. They are a great time to connect. Limit distractions when you feed your child. Be face to face and talk to them.
  • Be present. Limit distractions such as phones, tablets, and television.
  • Get to know your baby. Discover what makes them happy or sad. Learn what comforts them, and how they like to play.

You cannot spoil a baby with love and comfort.

For parenting tips for older children and teens visit: KFL&A Public Health

Check out this playlist of KFL&A Public Health’s positive parenting videos:


We hope you will take time during Success by 6 week (May 7 – 13, 2018) to make some very special family memories.

For the full schedule of free activities visit: Success by 6