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Success By 6 – Years Past


Success By 6 Week is a fun-filled week of events and activities designed with the youngest members of our community in mind. Success By 6 Week aims to heighten public awareness of the importance of early-years development and provide opportunities for young children, their families and caregivers to Take the time, make the moments matter™.

Every day during Success By 6 Week you’ll find a variety of free activities that encourage simple family fun. From free movies, swims, celebrity story time, moms & tots yoga and more.
2016 Daily Events and Activities:
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Success by 6 Week

Full descriptions of activities by day
Sunday, May 1st
Monday, May 2nd
Tuesday, May 3rd
Wednesday, May 4th
Thursday, May 5th
Friday, May 6th
Saturday, May 7th
Sunday, May 8th

Success By 6 Week Event Photos


Posters and Colouring Book: