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Labour & United Way

When the Paycheque Stops & the Bills Don’t:

Local Labour Unions and the United Way work together to provide comprehensive information for local unions who may be experiencing a work stoppage.  For a quick summary of resources and a guide where to turn please download our brochure.

Creditor Action Plan (PDF)

Labour Community Advocate Training:

A partnership between the United Way and the Kingston and District Labour Council, the Labour Community Advocate Training helps workers to find effective solutions and community support for issues outside the scope of their collective agreements. Labour Community Advocates are often the first contact for co-workers with problems.

The course has 12 sessions covering such topics as: Access to services, Mental Health issues, Services for Youth and Seniors, Domestic Abuse issues, EI (Employment Insurance), Credit Counselling, Effective Communications, Family and Individual Counselling services, Addictions, Retirement and Conflict resolutions.


  1. The Labour Community Advocate benefits by learning new skills to help those in need.
  2. The Community benefits from an increased awareness of the need to provide accessible services and in identifying gaps in available services.
  3. The Union benefits by having trained referral agents on site to help their members.
  4. The Employer benefits by having access to Union Advocates that are able to help workers find solutions to problems that may impact on their jobs.

Labour Community Advocates are an important link to making a workplace healthier, safer and happier.

Labour Community Advocate (LCA)  –  is an important service to workers introducing them to community resources so they can help members/co-workers find effective solutions to problems that can’t be resolved through the provisions of a collective agreement. Some topics covered are: Labour & Community Working Together, Stress, Anger, Depression, Substance Abuse, Credit Counselling, Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, Discrimination & Harassment, Retirement, Grief & Loss and Communication Skills.  Labour Community Advocates are an important link in making healthier, safer and happier workplaces.

For more information please contact the Director of Labour Community Services at 613-542-2674 ext. 1105

Learn about your community and how to help your co-workers and friends by taking the Labour Community Advocate program.

2016 Labour Report

Workers Help Centre

The Help Centre is designed to help both union and non-union workers with access to community resources. This service benefits those who have lost their jobs due to layoffs, downsizing or closure. It also helps with personal issues or other problems affecting workers. Whatever the reason we know that keeping a positive attitude and accessing information about community resources works to improve any situation.

The Centre provides a phone message service is available by calling 613-548-4952 or 613-929-4830 (cell). All messages are checked on a regular basis.

Labour Community Services Committee

Chair – Rej Bruneau (PSAC)

Members – Joan Jardin (OSSTF), Briana Broderick (USW), Jeannie Eberle (OPSEU).

Labour/Union United Way Campaign Endorsement

Labour Bodies                                             

  • CLC – Canadian Labour Congress
  • OFL – Ontario Federation of Labour
  • KDLC – Kingston and District Labour Council


  • COPE – Canadian Office Professional Employees Union
  • CNFU – Canadian Nurses Federated Union
  • CUPE – Canadian Union of Public Employees
  • CUPW – Canadian Union of Postal Wokers
  • ETFO – Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario
  • IAM – International Association of Machinists
  • IBEW – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • KMU – Kingston Musicians Union
  • OECTA – Ontario English Catholic Teachers Federation
  • OPSEU – Ontario Public Service Employees Union
  • OSSTF – Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation
  • PSAC – Public Service Alliance of Canada
  • QUFA – Queens University Faculty Association
  • SEIU – Service Employees International Union
  • UFCW – United Food & Commercial Workers
  • UNIFOR – formerly Canadian Auto Workers & Chemical Energy Paper Workers
  • UNITE – United Union of Needle Trades, Industrial Textile Workers
  • USW – United Steel Workers