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United Way Staff Team


Bhavana Varma

President & CEO

613-542-2674 ext. 1101
Cell: 613-929-4828 bvarma@unitedwaykfla.ca


Chelsea Grey

Executive Assistant to CEO

613-542-2674 ext. 1103
Cell: 613-929-4826 execassist@unitedwaykfla.ca


John DiPaolo

Vice President Operations

613-542-2674 ext. 1102
Cell: 613-329-9171 jdipaolo@unitedwaykfla.ca

Chris stafford

Chris Stafford

VP Community Engagement
Sponsored Executive

613-542-2674 ext. 1107

Heather Hayhow

Heather Hayhow

Campaign Director

613-542-2674 ext. 1401
Cell: 613-876-3088 hhayhow@unitedwaykfla.ca


Kim Hockey

Director, Community Initiatives

613-542-2674 ext. 1501
Cell: 613-929-4829 khockey@unitedwaykfla.ca


Marg Kubalak

Director, Community Investment

613-542-2674 ext. 1503 mkubalak@unitedwaykfla.ca

Nikki Beaulieu

Nikki Beaulieu

Campaign Manager

613-542-2674 ext. 1403 campaignmanager@unitedwaykfla.ca


Ryan Bol

Director, Labour Community Services

613-542-2674 ext 1105
Cell: 613-929-4830

Jana Clark

Jana Clark

Finance Manager

613-542-2674 ext. 1202 finance@unitedwaykfla.ca


Ashley Collins

Administrative Coordinator

613-542-2674 ext. 1201 admin@unitedwaykfla.ca

Mel Côté

Mel Côté

Community Investment Coordinator

613-542-2674 ext. 1504 program@unitedwaykfla.ca

Taylor Jennings

Taylor Jennings

Donor Relations Specialist

613-542-2674 ext. 1405 leadership@unitedwaykfla.ca


Olga Karavai

Database Specialist

613-542-2674 ext. 1203 okaravai@unitedwaykfla.ca

Nick Kukucska

Nick Kukucska

Communications Specialist

613-542-2674 ext. 1104 communications@unitedwaykfla.ca

Claire Notman<

Claire Notman

Campaign Coordinator

613-542-2674 ext. 1404 campaign@unitedwaykfla.ca

United Way Organization Chart

To learn more about the United Way’s team structure, please download the Organization Chart


United Way

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